Digital IP Network Audio PA System Solution

The 16 zone IP network audio PA system for the multiple tower system is designed as a sample solution for easy operation, powerful feature, easy expansion, easy wiring and high sound quality.

There are a total 16 rooms in the multiple tower project, each room will have a discussion sound system with wireless microphone and one dynamic microphone, while the two microphone systems will be connected to the IP wall mount amplifier in each room, it is with adjustable priority between the network source and local source. Each room will install four nos column speakers, the sound system with high sound performance is really good at speech and music. Their chairman room will install one remote IP paging console,  it will enable the chairman to speak to each room, group rooms and all rooms at will. Moreover, the chairman will have access to monitor each room activity, so two IP intercom units have been installed in the 16 rooms. The IP remote paging console with built-in speaker can monitor and listen very well to the speech and activities in each 16 rooms by automatically opening the built-in microphone in each room to pick up the sound contents in each room.

System Features:

Background music system, zone paging system and voice alarm all PA system functions are included in this IP network audio system. Flexible matrix background music system to different zone loudspeakers with different music programs simultaneously.

Different call stations enable speech to different zone loudspeakers simultaneously.

Pre-recorded voice alarm messages automatically broadcast and override the BGM & paging system in any emergency situation. Ideal solution for multiple sources and multiple room sound system, minimum cable layout cost with much more functions than analog  system. Low cost for set up and no cost for maintenance. The system could be built up over existing LAN/ WAN & Internet networks, no need for a dedicated network.

Free on-line system set up and diagnose, each equipment status online monitoring and  failure alert. Optional function: Telephone paging system, power management, program scheduled control, duplex two way intercom system, inter-work with third party systems like CCTV, door access, parking system passenger message system etc.

Capacity of input local analog sources from the terminal adapter directly over the network.

Network data delay is less than 30 milliseconds. Capacity of 300 terminal adapters online with 300 different programs simultaneously. Sound output quality level nearly to CD level of 44.1k, 16bits. Each online program takes only about 0.1Mkbps bandwidth. Backup system of server and embedded controller to standby the system to avoid any failure. Industrial chip to support 24 hours run on and anti-virus technology.

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Digital IP Network Audio PA System Solution