Public address solution system

A PA system is a public address system.  Also known as a sound reinforcement system, a PA system is an electronic amplification system used to get sound from the performer(s) to the audience. It's made up of several components, like Microphone: It converts sound to an equivalent electrical signal. Mixer: The output of microphones is fed to the mixer stage. The mixer stage is used to isolate different channels from each other before they are fed to the amplifier. An amplifier is used to amplify the mixer output further. Loudspeaker: The amplifier drives the loudspeaker.

Above is an example of centralized amplifier based Public address system solution that’s been designed to provide voice paging and to broadcast alarm tone during emergencies. The system can transmit alarm tone and routine voice messages, from a central location, to all or selected areas of the facility, in a reliable and safe manner, by the use of loudspeakers. The entire operational area / facility can be divided into one or more zones, which can be accessed independently either for announcements or for alarm broadcasting. The loudspeakers are installed in these zones. 

There are no limitations to the number of zones in the system or number of loudspeakers in each zone. Each loudspeaker is connected to the central equipment for amplification and other control functions. Depending on the surrounding environment, either flameproof loudspeakers (for hazardous atmospheres) or weatherproof loudspeakers (for safe & non-hazardous atmospheres) or indoor loudspeakers (for indoor areas) are installed in each zone. The loudspeakers are available in different wattage, sizes, types and constructions. The system is designed to offer clear reproduction of sound and intelligibility of speech even in high noisy areas. Multiple control desks can be installed in the same system, for paging access (with priority) from more locations. 

The system uses high reliability amplifiers with built in overload protection circuitry, short circuit protection, open circuit protection and thermal protection.

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Public address solution system